Daman Cantrell District Judge

Northeastern Oklahoma is a remarkable place to live, an exceptional place to work, and an ideal area in which to raise a family.

It has been my honor to have spent over 25 years serving the people of Oklahoma as an Assistant Attorney General, a law clerk to a federal judge, an Assistant Public Defender for Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties, a Special District Judge, and finally as District Judge for the 14th Judicial District of Oklahoma, serving Tulsa and Pawnee Counties.

Judge Daman Cantrell in his courtroom.

The purpose of this website is to:

  • Provide the public, litigants, attorneys, and potential jurors with the basic information about Judge Cantrell's court: emphasizing the procedural rules of the court, list of instructions for jurors, courtroom procedures for lawyers, scheduling orders and the basics of what the judge expects when court is in session. See Courtroom Protocol for Attorneys or Jurors.
  • Daman Cantrell familyProvide interested parties with information about Judge Cantrell's professional background, beginning with his admittance to the Oklahoma Bar in 1985, to his current position as a District Judge for Tulsa and Pawnee counties (District 14, Division 4). Read about Judge Cantrell's background and family.
  • Provide background information about Judge Cantrell's community service and involvement, beyond his duties as a Judge. Read about Lakeside Home Mock-Trial Team.
  • Provide an easy link to access the Court's dockets. See Tulsa District Court's website Judge Cantrell's docket (Civil Division.)
  • (L to R) Melissa Norris, clerk; Judge Cantrell, David Williams, law clerk; Kim White, court reporter.

    Judge Cantrell performs the first-ever wedding at OneOk field as Hornsby, the Tulsa Drillers Mascot, looks on. The bride was Melissa Norris, Judge Cantrell’s clerk.

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Minute Clerk
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Law Clerk/Bailiff
David Williams, J.D.

Court Reporter
Kim White

Tulsa District Court's website
Judge Cantrell's docket (Civil Division)